Padel Nuremberg

Padel players from Franconia can play padel matches in Nuremberg at the Club am Marienberg (CAM). The Padel facility Nuremberg CAM is equipped with two state-of-the-art padel courts and is part of the extensive sports grounds of the Club am Marienberg. In addition to padel, other sports are also on offer here, so that you are part of a large sports community.

Nearby, there is also an indoor padel court since the beginning of 2019 - at the Padel Nuremberg Sportpark North.

This means that larger tournaments can now be held at both padel locations together!

In addition, another padel facility is being planned near Nuremberg: in Herzogenaurach, possibly still at adidas Padel a padel court will be built.


More play opportunities in Bavaria: Padel courts Munich and the Padelarena Würzburg

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Padel News Nuremberg

Interview: Munich made for padel - from someone who should know

We were in Munich at the ISPO and met many passionate padel fans in the Padel Village. One of them, however, was particularly dedicated. Permanently to be found at or in the court, tirelessly with rackets in hand and explaining padel - Álvaro Alonso is his name and he is the president of the first padel club in Munich...