Padel Ruhr Area

Of course, German padel sport also has numerous supporters in the Ruhr region, some well-known top players and above all: padel courts!


Padel can currently be played at the following locations in the Ruhr region:
Food: Padel Essen (2 indoor padel courts)
Kamen: Padel Kamen-Heeren (2 outdoor courts)
Gladbeck: in planning
Bochum: PadelWorld Bochum (4 outdoor padel courts to start, another 4 padel courts to follow)
Herne (unfortunately closed): Padel Point Herne (formerly 3 indoor padel courts)
Werne: Padel Base Werne (2 indoor padel courts and 1 outdoor padel court)
Dortmund: Padel Dortmund - There are 8 padel courts close to Signal Iduna Park: 6 outdoor padel courts and 2 indoor padel courts.

Other padel clubs in the Ruhr region are in cooperation with the German Padel Federation are already being planned and will open their doors shortly. There will be separate news on this.

And not far from here there is still the site of Padel Cologne and the Padel Club Münster.

Hint: Overview of all padel courts in Germany

Paddle Tennis Courts - Map

Padel News

What's happening in the world of padel tennis right now?

Padel tennis continues to experience a remarkable upswing in Germany, fuelled by new initiatives and its increasing popularity as a trend sport. Here is an overview of the current developments from different directions, which show how dynamic the growth process of padel in Germany is! CUPRA German Padel Tour The CUPRA German Padel Tour, initiated by the German...

Westphalian Padel Championships celebrate their premiere in Werne at the end of October 2023

The Westphalian Padel Championships will celebrate their premiere on 28 and 29 October 2023 in Werne. This open tournament reflects the growing interest in the trend sport, which is still quite young in Germany and is characterised by fast and spectacular rallies. More than 20 clubs in Westphalia have already shown interest in padel. The tournament is organised in cooperation...

New padel locations open - Padel Tennis continues to grow!

A lot of new padel courts are being built as extensions of existing padel sports facilities and completely new padel locations - new padel playing fields are being built almost weekly. And of course there are also many Padel events. A current overview: New Padel locations Padel Heilbronn Heilbronn is becoming a trend sport location, as the Sportivo sports and health centre in Heilbronn-Frankenbach will be...

Padel TVN Essen: Padel advanced training for B/C coaches

At the Padel TVN Essen within the TVN Tennis Centre in Essen, an advanced training course for B/C coaches with the topic of padel took place for the first time in Germany over a weekend. 22 participants were trained by the instructors Thomas Lönegren (licensed padel coach) and Daniel Lingen (national padel player) over two days on and off the two padel courts at the TZE....

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