Padel Vienna

Vienna has a lot going on in terms of padel! Padel players can choose from no less than 4 padel locations in Austria's capital.

On the Sports facility Bisamberg-Vienna two doubles and one singles court can be played on. One of the double courts is even covered! All courts also have floodlighting.

Padel at the Sportunion Wien-Prater is part of the club's numerous sports activities. Members and guests can play padel on three outdoor courts with floodlights.

At the Doleschal tennis facility in Vienna-Stockerau (see also Padel Vienna Stockerau) there is also an outdoor padel court with floodlights. Training offers can also be taken up on request.

Who, on the other hand, in the City & Country Club Vienna-Wienerberg Padel would like to play is by no means out of place here! The two indoor courts can be played on all year round and for a small surcharge you can even train with a real padel national champion and national player!

Paddle Tennis Courts - Map

Padel News

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SATURDAY, 23 - MONDAY, 25.09 Qualifying: World Padel Tour Düsseldorf qualifying rounds at the club at We are Padel for men and women. TUESDAY, 26.09 The first matches of the men's round of the last 32 will start, while the women will play their qualifying final matches. WEDNESDAY, 27.09 Local Heroes: 8 men's and 12 women's matches will be played, distributed...