Trendsport Rummenigge has been successfully building padel tennis courts for several years now! Test the premium padel courts from Trendsports Rummenigge now on your home padel court in the Rummenigge Soccer Hall in Münster!

Trendsport Rummenigge, in cooperation with Padelwerk, is currently the first and only provider of padel courts that can be described as completely "made in Germany".

The concepts of quality and safety play a major role in the company tradition of Trendsport Rummenigge, because for more than a decade, this brand has been active as a market leader in the construction of small and mini-pitches as well as multifunctional courts for various sports. And for a few years now, the company has been active in padel court construction and is helping to build up the German padel market.

Trendsport Rummenigge Padel court construction Customers Padel court construction customers

Among the first customers are:


Managing Partner:

  • Arnd Schade
  • Michael Rummenigge

Trendsport Rummenigge works with the Court Manufacturer Padelwerk together.

Services Services

  • Foundation
  • Base Court
  • Panorama Court
  • Hall construction
  • Legal advice
  • Leasing
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Activation player
  • Gastronomy concept

Implemented projects Implemented projects

Built Courts:

5 Courts (DACH)
5 Courts (worldwide)

Built halls:

none (DACH)
none (worldwide)

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Contact details Trendsport Rummenigge Contact details

Trauttmansdorffstrasse 111
48153 Münster
+49 (0) 251 322679 16

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