Padel in Rohrbach/Heidelberg: One padel location after the other is coming to the German Padel Tennis CardSince August 2019, padel can also be played in Heidelberg at the Turn- und Sportgemeinde Rohrbach 1889 e. V. Heidelberg-Rohrbach (Tennis Department).

Thanks also to the help of the city of Heidelberg:
Among other things, this will fund the construction of a padel tennis court at the Erlenweg sports facility with 27,000 euros. The sports committee had already decided this on 13 March 2019.

Book a padel court in Rohrbach Book seats

The padel courts are booked in units of 30 minutes each, the prices for individual bookings are:


Until 5 pm

From 5 pm


EUR 18,00 / 60min.

EUR 21,00 / 60min.

TSG members

EUR 12,00 / 60min.

EUR 15,00 / 60min.

Members of the TSG Tennis Department

EUR 8,00 / 60min.

EUR 11,00 / 60min.


In addition, there is of course also the possibility of taking out a membership.

Members of the TSG Tennis Department

EUR 40.00 / year

TSG members

EUR 120,00 / year

For further information on membership of TSG Rohrbach e. V., please contact the tennis department by e-mail at


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