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The Confederates have their Swiss Padel Federation (SPV) Founded in 2007 and are members of the International Padel Federation (FIP) and recognised as the official representative of Switzerland. From Zurich, the SPV coordinates the interests of its members throughout Switzerland and currently (as of August 2017) represents these padel locations in Switzerland:

You can also find the most important paddle tournaments (e.g. FIP, WPT, etc.) in Switzerland in our overview of the Padel tournamentsAll Swiss Padel Tournaments you will find at the Swiss Padel Association.

Mission statement of the SPA:

  • 1st National governing body for the sport of padel
  • 2. promotion of paddle sports in Switzerland
  • 3. establish padel as a popular sport
  • 4. sustainable promotion of young talent
  • 5 Promotion of professional training and further education
  • 6. promotion of top players and national teams


  • 2010 - 8th place Padel World Championship in Mexico (women's & men's team)
  • 2008 - Participation in the Padel World Championship in Canada (men's team), 4th place European Championship in Portugal (women's and men's team)

Padel Association Switzerland


  • FIP Membership
  • EPA Membership
  • Non-profit
  • Association account

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Contact Padel Association Switzerland

  • Address:Wolframplatz 21
  • POSTCODE:8045
  • City:Zurich
  • Land:Switzerland

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