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Padel Tennis Knowledge - FAQ

Actually, padel, pádel or padel tennis is quite easy to describe: Padel is basically a mixture of tennis and squash. Originally, padel comes from Mexico and is ... That's padel tennis!

When looking for the right padel racket, it depends on what type of player you are and what level of play you have. Simple padel rackets are already available from ... How to find the right padel racket!

Padel Tennis - the fastest growing sport in the world

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On the padel map you will find the current padel tennis courts (orange) and the planned padel tennis courts (blue). Already quite busy - but still enough space to realise your dream of a padel court!


Build more padel courts!

Are you building a new padel court? Or do you want to build a padel court? We know the Padel court constructors and contact persons who can help you with the planning and also the padel player activation.

Whether you are a club, association or commercial provider - we will be happy to help you!

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Padel Tennis Courts

There are now over 200 padel tennis courts in Germany and a further (almost) 200 padel courts in Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol. So padel tennis is slowly gaining momentum in the German-speaking world as well.

On the map below you will find the current padel tennis courts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Padel locations

If you want to find out more about the individual padel locations (e.g. indoor courts, outdoor courts, court rental,. Opening hours, padel training etc.), you can search here:

Padel Tennis News

YOORNA Open in Estepona - Interview with Andreas Kopkau

Padel Test: Hello Andreas, we are pleased that you took the time to talk to us about your tournament series "YOORNA international Open"....

German Padel Series 2016 already starts on 31 January in Essen

The German Padel Series will start earlier than ever before in 2016! With a revised points system, the German Padel Association wants to be able to play at as many padel facilities as possible....

Padel Camp in Valencia - February 2016 offers padel players an interesting padel event in February, where you can improve your level in one of the best padel schools in Spain, play an exciting tournament...

Dunlop and BASF develop revolutionary Power-Flex technology for padel rackets

Dunlop, internationally renowned racket sports brand and market leader in padel rackets in Spain, and BASF, the world's leading chemical company, have developed a new technology that represents a breakthrough in...

Mauricio Muñoz on the chaos ahead of the 12th World Open Padel Championships in Malaga

Mauricio Muñoz comments on the turmoil leading up to the World Open Padel Chempionship in Malaga: "I would like to share the difficult moment that the most sociable...

New sanitary facilities and 3rd padel court at Padel Berlin

Good news from Berlin. After the Padel Club Berlin International was able to open its third court a few weeks ago and also expand its premises, the...

Why di Santo is really moving to Schalke!

Suddenly everything happened very quickly - the rumour that di Santo wanted to move to FC Schalke 04 quickly became certainty this morning. It is clear that many...

Report from the GPS Padel Summer Tournament ITXASO in Munich

On 11 and 12 July, the II Padel Summer Tournament ITXASO of the Padel Club München e.V. took place at the SportScheck all-weather facility in Unterföhring (near Munich)....

First of three GPS tournaments 2015 in Cologne starts on 20 June

On Saturday, 20 June, the Adidas Padel Open in Cologne will be the first of at least three GPS tournaments this calendar year. On the course of...

Padel Training Camp in Munich with Padel Coach Mauri Muñoz

On the weekend of 13 & 14 June, the Padel Club Munich invited its members and other interested parties to professional padel training with Mauri Muñoz. Mauri gives lessons...

Padel Tennis Video

The best and most spectacular padel points and padel matches in video:

Padel Tennis Videos

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David Ernsting - Editor Padel Test

Padel-Test informs about Padel and Padel Tennis and offers information about opening hours, training and booking possibilities for all Padel locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Map Padel courts) and now also almost all of Europe. On you will also find the latest Padel tournaments.

I look forward to feedback and suggestions!
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