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Padel Cologne Walls

/ Cologne
/ 4 seats
Indoor padel, paddle hire, padel training, padel tournaments, online booking, gastronomy

Padel UniSport Cologne

/ Cologne
/ 2 seats
Outdoor padel, racket hire, padel training, padel tournaments, gastronomy
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Padel Tennis Knowledge - FAQ

What is Padel Tennis?

Actually, padel, pádel or padel tennis is quite easy to describe: Padel is basically a mixture of tennis and squash. Originally, padel comes from Mexico and is ... That's padel tennis!

What is the difference between tennis & padel?

Padel is played on a much smaller field (10x20m). A normal tennis court with a run-off zone can accommodate about 2-3 padel courts. By the way, padel rackets are much smaller than tennis rackets. And there are some other differences between padel and tennis ... These are the differences between padel and tennis!

Where can you play padel?

There are now over 200 padel courts in Germany and almost another 200 in Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol. On this map you will find all the current padel tennis courts ...

Here you can play padel!

What are the padel rules?

The rules of padel are actually simple. However, the crux lies in the details. That's why we have compiled an overview of the most important padel rules ... These are the padel rules!

How do I find the right padel racket?

When looking for the right padel racket, it depends on what type of player you are and what level of play you have. Simple padel rackets are already available from ... How to find the right padel racket!

Padel Racket Comparison Babolat and Dunlop

Almost every month, a new Padel location opens (there are now over 200 Padel Tennis Courts in Germany), existing padel locations are building more courts and the number of padel players is steadily increasing. Many new padel players are therefore faced with the question: Babolat & Dunlop padel rackets in comparison!

How big is a padel ball?

Padel balls are the same size as tennis balls. However, the air pressure of padel balls is slightly lower. The diameter of a padel ball should be ... That's how big a padel ball is!

How much does a padel court cost?

We hear this question again and again - but unfortunately it cannot be answered so simply.

Because: Is it about the construction of an outdoor padel court? Or is it about converting a tennis hall into a padel hall? Is there already a proper foundation? ... But of course we can already give you a first rough calculation!

Padel Tennis Courts

There are now over 200 padel tennis courts in Germany and a further (almost) 200 padel courts in Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol. So padel tennis is slowly gaining momentum in the German-speaking world as well.

On the map below you will find the current padel tennis courts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


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Padel locations

If you want to find out more about the individual padel locations (e.g. indoor courts, outdoor courts, court rental,. Opening hours, padel training etc.), you can search here:

Padel Tennis News

Spanish/German Padel Duo Grachev/Panske on the World Padel Tour

Almost 3 years ago, Claudius Panske and Maxim Grachev started their padel journey together in Herne. Now, for the first time, they have even made it to the World Padel Tour in...


Padel Durlach-Aue builds another Padel Court - first photos!

Padel Durlach-Aue: Karlsruhe continues to work on positioning itself as one of the padel centres in Germany. Now SpVgg Durlach-Aue 1910 e.V. is adding another...

Karlsruhe Padel court builder

DPB training camp with Jani Gisbert, DPB sports advisor, plus GPT tournament in Essen

After the successful training camp with Alberto Melgar from 07 to 09 September 2017, now the next training highlight of the DPB: The new sporting advisor of the...

DPB Food GPT Jani Gisbert Padel Training

Padel in Music Videos: Eko Fresh ft. Samy with hot padel spot

The latest music video "Moment" by Eko Fresh faeturing Samy is all about the right moment - as you can see, the right padel moment!...

Eko Fresh

Padel League in the "Soccer-Halle Rummenigge" in Münster - register now!

After the draw, the individual matches can be arranged freely with your respective opponents on the days of your choice. Within the above-mentioned period of...

Münster Padel League

Wormsers win top-class paddle tournament for the first time!

The Germany-wide padel tournament series made a stop in Worms-Pfiffligheim/Rhineland-Palatinate last weekend and played a top-class padel tournament there in the Pfrimmparkarena. From all over Germany, the...

Padel Tournament

German Padel Federation invites to training camp with Alberto Melgar, official coach of the DPB

The German Padel Federation invites the best male and female padel players in Germany to the 3-day DPB training camp in Essen.

Alberto Melgar DPB Padel Training

Reduced membership for children and young people at Condor Padel in Hamburg

Reduced membership at Condor Padel in Hamburg - For only € 49 remaining fee for 2017, children up to 18 years of age can play as much and as often as...


Condor Padel: Youth Training & Games Meeting

Youth Playgroup - From 7 September every Thursday 17:00 - 18:00 with Biggi! The youth play meeting is a smooth transition from training to free playful application. Participants of the...

Hamburg Padel Training

Condor Padel is growing - new member of the coaching team: Biggi van Dahle-Schmees

Condor Padel is growing: Biggi van Dahle-Schmees , all-round racket sportswoman & player in the Northern Tennis League, joins the Condor Padel coaching team. With her many years of pedagogical training...

Padel Tennis Video

The best and most spectacular padel points and padel matches in video:


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Padel Tennis Videos

Padel constructors search

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Padel Concept

Base Court

Padel Boom

Foundation, Base Court
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Build more padel courts!


On the padel map you will find the current padel tennis courts (orange) and the planned padel tennis courts (blue). Already quite busy - but still enough space to realise your dream of a padel court!


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Build more padel courts!

Are you building a new padel court? Or do you want to build a padel court? We know the Padel court constructors and contact persons who can help you with the planning and also the padel player activation.

Whether you are a club, association or commercial provider - we will be happy to help you!

Build more padel courts
Please with country code
Do you want to build indoor or outdoor spaces?
What work is to be done?
The budget is around ...


David Ernsting - Editor Padel Test

Padel-Test informs about Padel and Padel Tennis and offers information about opening hours, training and booking possibilities for all Padel locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Map Padel courts) and now also almost all of Europe. On you will also find the latest Padel tournaments.

I look forward to feedback and suggestions!
Sporty greetings, your David Ernsting