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Henri Leconte PadelWhich tennis player doesn't know Henri Leconte, the French tennis pro and French Open finalist in 1988. For some time now, Leconte, with his international expert knowledge and his name, has been committed to the sport of padel. Together with the concept that is important to him and the right target group approach, he and his team want to make padel a new, successful sport in France and beyond.

Henri Leconte himself says:
"The first time I got to know padel was in Marbella and I immediately had a lot of fun with this fascinating game. I am very familiar with the tennis and padel worlds, which have many similarities but also different aspects. Padel is a unique sport with so many positive aspects - I'm hooked!"

"I am sure you will enjoy this sport as much as I do. With a focus on teamwork, mutual respect, fun and fulfilment, padel is a sport I can totally relate to."

The concept of Henri Leconte Padel (HL PADEL) is a complete solution for clubs and players alike. It covers all areas. Starting with the construction of padel courts, HL PADEL offers permanent support for clubs, which are networked together to organise a TOUR of tournaments where ambassador Henri Leconte regularly appears in person.

Players are given the opportunity to make appointments via an internet platform. Young players are trained by coaches who have previously been trained by HL PADEL. In order to offer players the best possible padel experience, a carefully selected range of different rackets and balls as well as suitable clothing is offered.


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Henri Leconte Padel at a glance

Padel court construction and mediation

  • Classic Padel courts or with panoramic walls
  • Soft floors guarantee fast drying
  • Padel courts customisable to suit the customer
  • Wide range of high-tech products
  • Roof solutions

Activation measures at the "Henri Leconte Padel Club" site

  • Advantages for members

HL Padel Tour

  • The Henri Leconte Padel TOUR truck with mobile padel court
  • Outreach: two days the public gets a chance to experience padel
  • Children and adults can play together during the day and watch the champions in action in the evening.

More information about padel in France: French Padel Federation



  • Foundation
  • Base Court
  • Panorama Court
  • Hall construction
  • Legal advice
  • Leasing
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Activation player
  • Gastronomy concept

Henri Leconte Padel News

Contact Henri Leconte Padel

  • Company:Henri Leconte Padel
  • Address:La Tour
  • POSTCODE:13790
  • City:Chateauneuf le Rouge
  • Land:France

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