Padel Stuttgart

The padel courts in Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg, were in the planning phase for a very long time. Until now, the rule was: if you came from Stuttgart, you had to be mobile to play padel.

But since June 2019, there is no longer much driving to be done.

Because now there is a padel outdoor court at the Stuttgarter Kickers.

Here you can find more info on Padel Stuttgart Kickers.


And nearby there is a very strong Padel Community in Karlsruhe with meanwhile 6 padel courts (indoor and outdoor padel courts, new padel courts every year) or on the Padel court in Schwaigern can be avoided. The journey time by car is about 60 minutes from Stuttgart.

Since there was already a mobile padel court in Stuttgart on a trial basis, which was very well received by Stuttgart's athletes, we are happy that padel is finally firmly anchored in Stuttgart and wish the padel location Stuttgart a proper growth with many more padel courts!

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