Padel Berlin

Berlin was one of the first padel strongholds in Germany and is still at the forefront with currently 3 padel locations. The oldest existing Padel facility is that of Alexander Hillbrichtwhich has now installed its own padel hall in addition to two outdoor courts.

So you can play indoors and outdoors - that is unique in Germany so far. The Padel facility from Tim Kölling in Joachimstal also has 3 padel courts - but they are all outdoors. Instead, there is a distinctive terrace and bar that can easily compete with one or two other beach clubs in Berlin.

The third Berlin's padel facility is at the Reinickendorfer Füchse - There is only one padel court here so far, but there are plans to build the largest one. Padel Location Berlin build up!

In the past, there was even another padel court in Berlin. Many of the padel pioneers will hardly forget the incomparable atmosphere of Ralf Stoffers' padel hall (Play the Wall), Padel Tennis has now firmly established itself in the capital's sports programme!


And brand new at it:


Padel Berlin - Padel FC
This is where Jürgen Klopp and his son Marc's padel company opened its first padel location.

7 state-of-the-art indoor padel courts - with the same flair as Ralf Stoffers Playthewall in an old battery factory.

Paddle Tennis Courts - Map

Padel News

Professional footballers like Jürgen Klopp, Messi, Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic love padel!

Padel is very popular with many footballers and there are some famous footballers who also play padel regularly. Here are some examples of footballers who love padel: Lionel Messi The Argentinian football star is a big padel fan and has even opened his own padel hall in his hometown of Rosario. Cristiano Ronaldo The Portuguese superstar also has his passion...

The next Padel tournaments are coming up! Cologne, Berlin & Cuxhaven

It's nice to be spoilt for choice! Next weekend, two tournaments are scheduled at the same time: Firstly, the Playdays at the Walls padel facility in Cologne for rookies, amateurs and pros. If you've been there before, you know that there are padel matches with equally strong opponents and a great community...

Germany's first padel facility with indoor and outdoor facilities

The first Padel facility in Germany that can offer indoor and outdoor Padel is currently being built in Berlin. Padel Pioneer Alexander Hilbricht is currently in the final days of the construction phase for a padel hall, which is located directly next to the two existing outdoor courts. The hall will be opened before the end of May and the first...

Strong padel tournaments in Cologne and Berlin

High-performance padel was played at two locations this weekend: in Cologne at the Walls-Padelbox facility as well as in Berlin, the yellow felt balls were hit hard! The first Walls Playdays 2017 took place in Cologne. All the games were of a high standard and provided players with...