Padelcreations is an experienced padel court builder that has already built several padel locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland or added new padel courts. Here is an overview of the current padel courts that Padelcreations has built so far in German-speaking countries:

Outdoor padel facilities (outdoor)

Padel Court Mod. PREMIUM PLUS

Padel Court Mod. PREMIUM

Other projects:

Indoor padel facilities (indoor)

Padel Court Mod. BASIC PRO


In addition, Padlecreations has built over 400 padel courts worldwide.

Padel court models Padel court models

Currently, Padelcreations offers 3 concepts for padel court construction:

BASIC Padel Court

This model is a simple pillar construction and is also the cheapest alternative. For increased stability, however, we recommend a frame construction (see mod. BASIC PRO/PREMIUM). The glass walls rest on all 4 sides of our model. Suitable for indoor assembly. Supplied and assembled as a turnkey project.

BASIC PRO Padel Court

Optimum price/performance ratio. Modular frame construction. The frames are welded in the factory and delivered as a unit (is not bolted on site). This guarantees high stability in the long term. Very suitable for indoor construction. Supplied and assembled as a turnkey project.

PREMIUM Padel Court

The PREMIUM model offers excellent structural stability for the wind loads in your area. All vertical columns of this structure are reinforced by an additional 80 x 80 x 2 mm tube. Reinforced and solid triple column frame construction. This model is mainly suitable for outdoor use, but can also be built indoors. Supplied and assembled as a turnkey project.

How is a padel court installed? Padel court installation

This is what these vivid videos from Padelcreations show:



The German-speaking contact person is Juan Canovas.

Services Services

  • Foundation
  • Base Court
  • Panorama Court
  • Hall construction
  • Legal advice
  • Leasing
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Activation player
  • Gastronomy concept

Implemented projects Implemented projects

Built Courts:

20 Courts (DACH)
400 Courts (worldwide)

Built halls:

none (DACH)
none (worldwide)

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