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The American padel association is officially called the United States Padel Association and was founded in 1993. In the same year, the US padel team took part in an international padel competition for the first time (together with Mexico and Canada in Acapulco, the place where padel was founded). Padel history)). The USPA is based in Houston, Texas, and caters for padel tennis for amateurs and professionals alike.

Since 1994, the US Padel National Team has participated in the Padel World Championships.

Currently, there are approximately 15 Padel locations (who are members of the Padel Federation of America), but there are more and more and the growth is picking up speed rapidly!


Padel Federation USA


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  • Address:5535 Memorial Drive Suite F-603
  • POSTCODE:TX 77007
  • City:Houston
  • Land:Germany

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