Padel TC Grötzingen: Since June 2016, there are already two outdoor padel courts (artificial turf) at TC Grötzingen in Karlsruhe. These are now located where tennis courts 4 and 5 used to be. If you want to start playing padel tennis and don't have any equipment yet, you can rent padel rackets and padel balls on site (costs: see below). There is also a matchmaking service, so it's easy to get started with padel.

And so that you can still play padel late at night, the two outdoor padel courts are equipped with floodlights. The Grötzingen Tennis Club's sports facilities also include a sun terrace and the club restaurant - so you can sit together in comfort even after a padel tennis match.

Of course, padel tournaments also take place regularly at the padel facility in Grötzingen (German Padel Tour, South German Padel Championship, GPS and local padel tournaments).

After Work Padel at TC Grötzingen
At TC Grötzingen, the After Work Padel takes place from April to October! Always on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, padel is played together with other players from 18:00. Registration is not necessary and everyone is welcome. The fee is 5,- Euro. This fee is waived for padel card holders.

Book Padel TC Grötzingen courts Book seats

Costs: 24,- Euro (without padel card)

Padel card
...paddle as often and as long as you want. Please note the following:

  • The court must always be booked online! Preferably please Court 1.
  • Padel cardholders play for free, which means that the court fee (24,00,- Euro) is reduced by 6,00,- Euro per Padel cardholder.
  • The player with a padel card is responsible for ensuring that any players without a padel card pay a pro rata share of the playing time (cash 6,- Euro / h) to the coaches or at the office.
  • TC Grötzingen asks for your understanding that online booked (and paid) single lessons have priority (only) on Court 2.
  • Here it goes to the Seat booking

The TC Grötzingen padel card costs:

  • 50,- Euro for youth TCG members
  • 70,- Euro for TCG members
  • 140,- Euro for guests

Other fees:

  • Rental fee padel rackets: 2,- Euro
  • Floodlight: 1,- Euro / hour

Book: Online booking or via Padel Karlsruhe TC Grötzingen Contact details


Karlsruhe is one of the most important Padel locations in Germany. Here you will find more Padel locations in Karlsruhe.

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