Nacho Gutiérrez

Nacho Gutierrez

Nacho Gutierrez

Padel coach Nacho Gutiérrez

Nacho Gutiérrez is a padel coach and coordinator of the UniSport Padel Cologne and has built up one of the strongest padel communities in Germany, which can regularly be found in large numbers at padel tournaments.

At the 2017 European Championships in Lisbon, Nacho was the national coach of the German National Padel Team (men). In the same year, he not only won the Padel City Championship in Cologne, but also won two other padel tournaments (in Munich & Hamburg) with his partner.

Nacho Gutiérrez offers a total of 3 types of courses in Cologne:

  • Level 1 - for all those who do not know the padel rules and have almost no experience in racket sports.
  • Level 2 - those who have played tennis regularly or already have basic experience in padel and know the rules!
  • Level 3 - active tennis team players or people who have already played padel more intensively

Of course, in all three courses there is an introduction to the sport, some rules and, depending on ability, tactical advice.


Nacho Gutiérrez


  • DPB Trainer Licence
  • Padel coach instructor
  • Team Coach
  • Tennis Trainer Licence


Contact details

  • Address:Zülpicher Wall 1
  • POSTCODE:50674
  • City:Cologne
  • Land:Germany

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