Padel Academy Lönegren

The Tennis & Padel Academy Lönegren not only trains padel players, but also trains as an official partner of the German Padel Federation new padel trainers. This ensures that the padel locations can offer qualified padel training.

  • The training formats of the Tennis & Padel Academy Lönegren are open to all player types.
  • The Tennis & Padel Academy Lönegren offers a fixed monthly training programme consisting of 4 sessions per month.
  • The sessions can last 90 or 120 minutes.
  • The training sessions take place with a maximum of four participants per court.

For those interested in individual training and small group formats, the Tennis & Padel Academy Lönegren asks for personal contact in order to adapt the padel training programme to the wishes of the individual padel player in terms of content, time and cost.

Padel Academy Lönegren


  • DPB Trainer Licence
  • Padel coach instructor
  • Team Coach
  • Tennis Trainer Licence


Contact details

  • Address:Burgmüllerstr. 10
  • POSTCODE:40235
  • City:Düsseldorf
  • Land:Germany

Location map

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