Thomas Lönegren

Thomas Lönegren

Thomas Lönegren

Thomas Lönegren has been running his own padel facility (TVN PADEL Essen) since 2015 and is a licensed padel coach who currently also trains the German national padel team.

Thomas was one of the first in Germany to fully commit to the sport of Padel and was, among other things, the organiser of the Padel Village at ISPO 2014 and 2015 (PADEL PLUS together with the World Padel Tour. At these padel events within the framework of Germany's largest sports fair, well-known world-class padel players such as Paquito Navaro, Matthias Diaz, Sebastian Nerone, Juan Gisbert, Hernan Auguste and Gaby Reca took part in the event.

Furthermore, Thomas Lönegren is a board member and founder of the DPB (German Padel Federation) and the EPF (European Padel Federation).

Before that, he left his mark in professional tennis as a coach and became the 2001 German Bundesliga Champion with TC BW Dinslaken - making him predestined to also give padel players the decisive edge to be successful.

Thomas Lönegren



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  • Address:Damaschkeweg 1
  • POSTCODE:46535
  • City:Dinslaken
  • Land:Germany

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