Building a tennis court - costs

Tennis court costsBuilding a tennis court is an expensive business. The cost depends, of course, on the size and complexity of the court - but the region where the court is to be built and the type of construction also play a role. In urban areas, the cost of building a tennis court is often higher than in rural areas. For a rough budget, you have to plan between 25,000 and 80,000 euros. However, there are also significantly more expensive options.

The most costly aspects of building a tennis court include the earthwork, drainage and foundation of the court. Another important factor in building a tennis court is the type of surface treatment. Asphalt is used on many newly built courts these days. However, asphalt is also significantly more expensive than other treatment options such as crushed stone or bitumen polymer mix (EPDM). So on average, building an asphalt tennis court costs around 30-60 euros per m2, while similar gravel or EPDM tennis courts would cost around 15 euros per m2.

Tendentially, a clay or ash pitch is cheaper than an artificial turf pitch.

The construction of a professional tennis clay court, for example, can cost up to 150,000 euros if it includes more sophisticated elements such as heated clay courts or lighting systems. Of course, the cost of building the court is not only determined by the purchase of the material and the rental of the equipment, but also by the work of the professional staff needed to build and maintain the court.


Rough costs for the construction of a tennis court:

  • Tennis court construction - approx. 15,000 to 23,000 euros
  • Tennis court surface (ash/sand, artificial turf, bitumen-polymer mixture (EPDM), hard court) 8.000 to 30.000 Euro
  • Tennis net complete with posts 1.000 to 1.500 Euro
  • Tennis court sprinkler system2.5000 to 5.000 Euro
  • LED lighting per tennis court 10,000 to 15,000 euros


DIY Tennis Court Build

It is also possible to tackle building a tennis court as a DIY project, but even then there are costs to consider: You have to buy materials such as nets, line marking materials and pins; you also have to consider whether you want a special surface or whether you are working with the existing terrain - all these factors can affect the price. Some of the individual parts such as netting, lines etc. can be ordered cheaply from Alibaba or similar marketplaces.

However, delivery times can be significantly longer than when ordering locally from an experienced tennis court builder. Returns and warranty claims are also more difficult to arrange when ordering over the internet than from local partners.

Ultimately, building a tennis court is an investment - not only in money, but also in time and energy - but it's worth it!

If you make the right choice and design your tennis court to give both you and other players a lot of pleasure, you will have a source of sporting activity for many years!


Build Padel court

If you prefer to build a padel court, we can provide you with information on the construction costs of a padel tennis court and name some partners who already have a lot of experience in building padel tennis courts.