Padel Federation Italy

The Italian Padel Federation exists since 2010 and is affiliated to the Italian tennis federation FIT and is one of the larger padel organisations in Europe with over 30 padel locations in the country. As a member of the Padel World Federation FIP the Italian Padel Federation is entrusted with maintaining and mapping structures and standards for the sport in Italy, as a complement to the popular sport of tennis in its own country.

And padel is booming in Italy.

No wonder that the current president of the international padel association FIP Padel comes from Italy.

Padel Federation Italy


  • FIP Membership
  • EPA Membership
  • Non-profit
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Contact details

  • Address:FIT Stadio Olimpico Curva Sud - Ingresso 44 - Scala
  • POSTCODE:G00135
  • City:Rome
  • Land:Italy

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