Padel court

The size of a padel court is only slightly smaller than a tennis court (23.77m x 10.97m for doubles). However, a tennis court still has a very large run-off area.

The padel court with its perimeter of glass walls is 20m long and 10m wide. In the middle, the padel court is separated by a net - so each side is square (10x10m). The maximum deviation of the dimensions may be 0.5%.

The net is 10 metres long and has a height of 0.88 metres in the middle - at the edge the net may be a maximum of 0.92 metres high.

The posts on which the paddle net is hung must not be higher than 1.05 metres.


Padel Court Dimensions

Padel Court Dimensions - Sketch by Padelcreations

Padel court walls

The entire padel court is framed by an ESG glass wall (safety glass). This is only interrupted at the net posts by an entrance/exit through which the players can enter the padel court.

The end walls have a height of 4m. At the side walls, this height decreases to 3m after approx. 1m. The uppermost area, i.e. sitting on top of the toughened glass, consists of a wire mesh (in simple constructions also just wire mesh fencing).

The use of toughened safety glass and wire mesh as boundary materials ensures that spectators have a clear view of the padel tennis court.


Padel court lighting

Outdoor padel courts are usually lit by 4 floodlights. Older padel courts still use classic lamps, but the modern padel courts have LED floodlights, as they are at least as good in terms of performance, but more energy-efficient. In total, a padel court is about 6 metres high.

In padel halls, the lighting is often very individually designed; here it also often depends on whether there was a previous use as a tennis court, for example.

Padel court height incl. floodlight 

Padel court height incl. floodlight


Tip: You can find more information at the Padel rules.