Padel basics: What beginners should know

Padel is a dynamic and social sport that is becoming increasingly popular - and not just in Spain or Latin America, but also here in Germany.

So if you are looking for a new training option or simply enjoy a responsive rebound game, padel could be just the thing for you.


But what is padel and what do beginners need to know?

We at give you an overview of the basics.


What is padel?

Padel, often also known as Padel tennis is similar to tennis in many respects, but it also has a few unique differences. Padel is usually played as doubles on a smaller court with walls, like squash, as the ball is allowed to touch the walls after hitting the ground.


The padel court

A padel court is rectangular, 10 metres wide and 20 metres long, surrounded by walls and grids. Nets divide the court into two halves, similar to tennis. The net is located in the centre of the court.

The size of the court and the net make the game compact and ensure a quick exchange of blows.


The bat and ball

Padel Racket are firm and have no stringing. They are usually smaller and lighter than tennis rackets and offer good control. The Padel Ball resembles a tennis ball, but is slightly softer and the pressure is lower, which makes the game slower overall.


The Padel rules of the game

Scoring is identical to tennis: games, sets and matches. When serving, players must play the ball after it has bounced on the floor. The difference to tennis is that the ball can also bounce off the walls during the game after the first bounce. More about the Padel rules.


Tactics for beginners

Beginners should concentrate on keeping the ball in play. Move around the court with your partner and try to play the ball with the help of the walls.

Good communication and teamwork are crucial for success in padel.


Equipment and clothing

To get started, you will need suitable footwear for sports courts, comfortable sportswear and, of course, a padel racket. Balls are often provided by the clubs where you play.

Where can you play padel?

Padel is becoming increasingly popular and there are now padel courts in many larger cities. Have a look here on the Overview of padel locations in Germany to find a padel court near you.


Padel is a fun, social and easy-to-learn sport. It requires teamwork, strategic thinking and offers an excellent workout at the same time.

Ideal for all ages, padel is definitely worth a try.

So grab a racket, find a partner and give padel a try!


The big comparison: which sport is better, easier to learn or more fun?

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Padel basics: What beginners should know

Padel is a dynamic and social sport that is becoming increasingly popular - and not just in Spain or Latin America, but also here in Germany. If you...

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