Padel Tennis at TV Nandlstadt - Open Day on 16.9.2023

TV Nandlstadt:

In addition to tennis, there is now another opportunity to engage in sports at the Nandlstädter Höhe.

The new trend sport padel, a mixture of tennis, squash and badminton, comes from the southern countries and is enjoying growing popularity.

Ball sports enthusiasts of all colours quickly find something to like, young and old, small and large, easy to learn for everyone with a guaranteed fun factor in the enclosure (cage would be too harsh a word).

Membership of the tennis club is not a prerequisite for getting to know this new trend sport.

Perhaps one or the other likes the atmosphere on the course so much that he or she feels called to become a member, he or she is very welcome.

Members and guests from near and far are invited to book the two courts online and test the new sport extensively.

Doubles are played free of charge for club members, non-members pay a usage fee in advance, which is explicitly explained when making the reservation. Rental rackets, balls and floodlights can be booked if required.

Padel tennis is much easier to learn and less running-intensive than tennis. Dexterity and a little feeling for the ball are enough to achieve continuous success.

The whole thing is also fun because the four of us quickly get closer to each other in terms of communication on the small playing area.


Paddle tennis: Especially for groups, this is a good opportunity to promote cohesion.

This makes it ideal as an event for sports clubs, families, companies, regulars' table groups, etc., because the basics are easy to learn and after just a few minutes even beginners can manage successful rallies over the net.

You quickly get the hang of the few rules and the game can begin.

Learning successes come quickly, you get better from game to game and are very likely to become a repeat offender.

For the launch, an open day on 16.9.2023, we invite all clubs and interested parties in the community and surrounding area to come and see and try out the padel facility. Rackets and balls will be provided, and refreshments will also be served.

It starts at 15:00 for everyone to try it out. At 16:00 and 20:00, already experienced padel players will show us how it can be done with a short interlude.

Things get a little more official when the mayor of our municipality opens the new facility at around 19:00.

In addition to a few introductory words, he will certainly not miss the opportunity to swing the bat himself.

We look forward to seeing you and wish you lots of fun,
the TV Nandlstadt


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