The association with the largest number of members in German paddle sports, the German Padel Federation, continues to grow strongly in 2019.

In the first 3 weeks of the new year alone, almost 20 new members have signed up, including 4 important padel locations from Cologne, Karlsruhe and Worms:

In addition to the padel clubs (50,- Euro annual fee), individual padel players (30,- Euro annual fee) can also Become a DPB member and help to further develop the sport of paddle tennis in Germany and to make it a Padel boom, e.g. in Italy to help.

Parallel to the very positive membership development, the DPB tournament series, the German Padel Tour, is also developing very well. There are already 16 tournaments on the programme for 2019 (exact dates, prize money, categories, etc. will be published shortly in our Padel Tournaments Overview available).

Padel locations that have not yet arranged a GPT tournament and would like to host a GPT tournament are therefore best advised to contact the Organisers of the DPB to arrange a tournament date.

Due to the strong membership development and the further growing GPT tournament series, the DPB is well positioned in the run-up to the next general meeting (end of March 2019 in Frankfurt - we will report on this in detail shortly) and has once again come a step closer to the overall goal of a unified padel association in Germany.





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