Padel is fun. You quickly get started, play nice rallies and play match after match until late in the evening. That's great!

But behind the sport there is also an undreamt-of technical and tactical depth, which is not easily accessible even to very adaptive players through mere match play. Anyone who has had the pleasure of a training session with padel pros like Dani Dios could already guess this.

Padel Condor in Hamburg would like to let you explore the further depths of padel step by step, sharpen your perception for game situations and their possible solutions and of course improve your padel game.

For this purpose, the Hamburg Padelcracks have created a thematically structured course concept to systematically work on your game. In an initial 6-week basic course for beginners and advanced players, we offer a condensed overview of the most important aspects of padel. Each training session lasts 90 minutes and includes a special topic. Most importantly, of course, fun will not be neglected!

Here are the details:

Course leader
Christian Wiessner, 33 years
Advanced Padel Coach, DTB-C coach, former national padel player and team world champion in Racketlon

Course content

  • Forehand & Backhand (Flat , Slice , Topspin)
  • Volley (Defensive, "Normal",Offensive)
  • Play with the wall (1-wall-shots, 2-wall-shots, rotation, backwall-boast)
  • Lob & Smash (Flat, Slice ("Bandeja"),Placement, "Fake" Smash)
  • Serve & Return
  • Tactics (exploiting the walls, positioning, cross-court play, game situations offensive/defensive, transition)

Number of participants
4 people per group. We divide according to playing strength and physical conditions.

Sun 09.07. 11:00 h & 12:30 h
Wed 12.07. 18:00 h & 19:30 h
Sun 16.07. 11:00 am & 12:30 pm

If a date is not convenient for you and you would still like to participate, please contact us so that we can explore alternatives.

Course fee
€ 99,- for members (€ 135,- for non-members)

Via email

If you have any questions, just contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!
Tim Neidhardt, Head of Padel at SC Condor Padel

Phone: 0172-4501700

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