Padel in Essen: New prices, many offers

Through a new system of prices and offers, the Paddling in Essen even more attractive. Whether alone or in the company of other curious people - those who haven't tried it yet should do so as soon as possible. Just in time for the padel winter season, the Essen tennis centre has introduced the new price and offer structure for the Padel facility at the TZE in Essen published.

The tariffs have been slightly modified and many exciting offers have been created. Particularly attractive are the formats "Abo 31" (1x play per month) and "Friday Padel" or "Padel Morgen", where up to 25% (!) can be saved on the regular hourly rate.

"We wanted to respond to the strong growth in awareness of Padel and meet all our current and potential customers with the new conditions," Bastian Grieger, Managing Director of the Tennis Centre, is looking forward to the new winter season.

The new prices and offers reward all those who come or want to come more often and create an incentive for those who would like to give paddle sports a try. You can find all rates on or on "Padel is a sport that serves the social aspect of togetherness, the community idea is much more pronounced," emphasises Thomas Lönegren, the person responsible for padel at TVN and co-operator of the facility. That's why many offers are also linked to registration. "This registration helps us with the individual allocation of offers. This makes it easier to find those who have the same interests and, above all, similar performance levels." Registered players can even play for free at "AMIGO PADEL" if they encourage three friends to play for the first time in Essen. Those interested can also contact Claudius Panske, the head coach at TVN PADEL, who organises the weekly playing and training groups at all levels, without any obligation. Contact:

Equally pleasing, however, is the redesign of the padel world, which will be completed in the course of autumn. "This will create a world of its own that not only invites you to play, but also to linger!" Bastian Grieger rejoices. Already, groups regularly turn up to finish off the tennis season with an excursion into paddle sports or simply to enjoy the very special experience of the "most beautiful cage in the world". A cosy lounge, comfortable seating groups, a toddler corner and the rich gastronomic offer of the indoor restaurant perfectly round off the already unique sporting offer. The official opening ceremony will take place in November. The date is currently being coordinated.

So you can start paddling in the dark season, the Essen Tennis Centre is looking forward to seeing you!

Author: Thomas Lönegren

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