At the beginning there is the rich "plop"

A new sport is spilling over into Hamburg: Padel tennis. SC Condor has now set up a first place. A self-experiment

When I told my flatmate that I wanted to try padel tennis for the third time tonight, he replied dryly that he could forget about the barbecue in the evening. The reason is obvious: at all previous attempts to test this new sport in Hamburg, during all the days around these dates there was fantastic weather, by the way, it rained like hell on the agreed dates. But this time I didn't care and the clouds played along for the first 20 minutes, only to open the gates and let it rain cats and dogs. No matter, the Spanish Marie, Robert, Jörn and I held out. And my first realisation was that, unlike tennis, padel tennis can be played even in precipitation.

Here you can read the whole article (WorldEditor: Frihtjof Bublitz) to read.

Note from the Padel-Test editorial team:

The text mentions the sum of 100,000 euros for the construction of the two courts in Hamburg. The sums for the construction of padel courts can vary greatly, depending on the type of ground on which one can/would like to build, whether floodlighting is included or not, which material is used for the walls, etc.

In Spain, there are simple (concrete) padel courts that cost less than 10,000 euros. How expensive a padel court really is depends on one's own requirements and the local conditions, similar to building a house.

If you are interested in a padel court, please write us an email to. We will be happy to help you.

Or take a look at Padel-Test in the Padel B2B section. There you will find portraits of the most renowned Padel court provider incl. contact details.

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