The German Padel Circuit Tournament Series with its own ranking system is so far the only one in Germany to be supported by the European Padel Federation (European Padel Federation) is recognised. In 2013, the inaugural year, the Padel Circuit was launched at various padel facilities throughout the country. Padel Point NRW exclusively on the two indoor padel courts.

The operator and tournament organiser Mike Rose and the padel expert and founder of the full-service agency Padel Plus It is thanks to Thomas Lönegren that regular padel tournaments can also be held in the winter months and with former tennis greats in the field of participants.

The German Padel Circuit will be played in the men's A and B categories, the women's open class and the mixed category.

Further dates of the German Padel Circuit 2015 have now been fixed:

  • 22.03.2015
  • 19.04.2015
  • 24.05.2015

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Competitions and regulations of the GPC 2015 at a glance:

Men's Competition Category A
Players who have already accumulated GPC ranking points are eligible to enter. Players with exactly or less than 250 points may also enter in category B.

  • Points distribution: 1st place: 500, 2nd place: 350, 3rd place: 250

Men's Competition Category B
Players who have not yet accumulated GPC ranking points or have exactly or less than 500 points are eligible to enter. Players who accumulate points in category B will be included in the GPC ranking system and can therefore enter category A in the next tournament.

  • Points distribution: 1st place: 200 points, 2nd place: 100, 3rd place: 50

Ladies / Mixed Competition A & B
Players who have not yet collected GPC ranking points are eligible to enter.

  • Points distribution: 1st place: 500, 2nd place: 350, 3rd place: 250

Each listed player on the GPC ranking list will take 20% of the previous year's points into the current calendar year. If a player has not participated in a GPC tournament within a calendar year, his or her points from the previous year will be deducted unless he or she can produce a medical certificate. In this case, the points of the previous year are protected for another 6 months.

The registration of the teams is based on the registration date. Should the field of participants in the respective category be full, the teams moving up will be placed on the waiting list.

Registrations can be made online at:

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