At the two-day Padel Tournament (hosted by the German Padel Federation) in the Padel Hall Rummenigge was played in two performance categories. One group with four teams played in category 1 and 3 groups with 3 teams each fought for points in category 2. A large number of the matches were only decided in the Champions Tiebreak in the third set - this shows how even the majority of the matches were! Photos of the matches and the award ceremony can be found at the end of the article.

In category 1, the favourites Knippschild/Nowicki clearly won against the other teams with 3 victories. The 3 other teams were pretty much on the same level of play, so that in the end they all had not only one win and two losses in the ranking, but also the same number of won and lost sets. Thus, places 2 to 4 were awarded according to the number of better point differences.

In the other three groups, there was a lot of fun and emotion as well as a lot of exciting games, with the following three teams winning each group in the end:


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